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CFMT: Responding to Disaster

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee ensures that one gift can impact the widest range of charitable needs. 

In the course of rebuilding lives disrupted by disaster, it is impossible to know just what the needs will be. Response to disaster is dictated by the size, scope and circumstance.

The Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund is used strategically to address needs as they emerge and evolve. Needs will arise and change, and the Fund is designed to remain flexible in response to those changing needs.

It is a long-term vehicle that will continue to support the people of Middle Tennessee now and in the months ahead. The Community Foundation will focus the Fund’s resources on getting help for all nonprofits serving the survivors of the tornadoes, and will continue to serve as the central repository for giving at the time of disaster.

There have been significant unmet needs around this particular disaster spanning food security issues, legal issues, sheltering, supplies of all kinds, mental health counseling, etc. We are poised to work closely with community leaders to identify the greatest needs and then support them prudently.

“We know when disasters strike, there are no quick fixes,” said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. “We need to support the affected communities and the nonprofits on the ground helping victims and addressing their needs.”

Every Gift Matters

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To give by mail, please send donations to P.O Box 440225 Nashville, TN 37244

For more information, please call 615-321-4939 or 1-888-540-5200.

Our work helps free nonprofits up to concentrate on delivering vital services while we “connect generosity with need” and our community sets out to rebuild lives.

To view financial documents, including Form 990s and audit documents, visit The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s profile.