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Grantmaking in Times of Disaster

During emergency response grantmaking, Community Foundation works with volunteer community leaders and experts on the ground to determine how best to utilize the funds available.

As the emergency response continues, it is important to recognize that the long-term recovery phase for a major emergency can last for years, and the impact of these long-term needs on nonprofits and those they serve will be considered in making grants.

Activating Emergency Grantmaking Procedures

Every disaster is different and, so too, are the responses. Flexibility and agility must be maintained.

Following an emergency event, The Foundation may contact nonprofits and other community leaders for assessment and information. The Foundation has authority to approve emergency grants, without application.

Additionally, grant applications are submitted by local nonprofits to Community Foundation for specific disaster response needs. Up-to-date information on Community Foundation’s online initiative,, will shorten the usual due diligence process for grantmaking.

Transparency is a critical component in disaster grantmaking. Community Foundation requires grantees to provide detailed reports on how the grant supported disaster response needs. Those reports will be shared broadly throughout the community.